Black Gradient
Metallic Red
Glossy Black
Glossy Yellow
See Specifications + Expand

Set neck
25.5” scale

12” bound Maple fingerboard
Dual parabolic Black position dots
29 jumbo frets
Matching color headstock

Delta wing shape with contoured surfaces
Detachable aluminum leg rest unit Glossy paint job with satin neck

Recessed Double locking tremolo
R-3 (43mm wide) locking nut

Direct mounted Gary Kramer H/S Ceramic pickups
Volume, Tone (push/pull) and mini 3-way switch
5 sound combination switching system


Turbulence R-29 offers the same ergonomic benefits featured on our R-36 seven string version. The design begins with the ergonomic top arc. The arc utilizes a player’s body frame to without adjustment, place the guitar’s neck and body in perfect balance and playing position. Secondly, a shortened bottom cutaway provides effort-less access to its extended fingerboard featuring 29 jumbo frets. And lastly, you’ll notice comfortable forearm support is generated by contours that naturally place the hand and wrist in a perfect picking position. Additionally, for seated players, the Turbulence guitars are equipped with a removable, left-leg rest which puts both the player and the instrument in perfect relation when used in a sitting position.

If tuned down to a low B, our 6 string Turbulence R-29’s extended upper range helps this instrument perform in full sonic range of a regular 7 string 24 fret guitar. This unique feature helps players who use low tunings, do not feel comfortable on wide 7 string necks and are not willing to give up on their upper fretboard register. In regular tuning, Turbulence R-29 outplays the regular 24 fret neck by opening the possibilities of its hyper register. This instrument will not only make sure that you are seen on the stage, it is also one of the rare birds which will make sure that you are being heard differently as well.

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